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Tina from "Chasing Elixir" , October 2012

As mentioned a few times before, cosmetic procedures are common in Taiwan, and as a result, fairly cheap. So much so, that a lot of people (including me) treat them as facials, and incorporate them into their skincare routine. I’ve been getting IPL and Clear & Brilliant Laser fortnightly, which I’ve found to have good cumulative effects in improving the clarity and firmness of my skin. It has no downtime, however does make the skin more sensitive so a milder skincare routine is required. This is the routine that I’ve worked out so far, which would also be suitable for post-peel, and anyone with long-term or short-term sensitive/allergy skin. It’s gentle, yet still has enough nutrients in it to improve the skin (I can never be a cold cream kinda girl). Generally, it’s all about what NOT to use when you’re post laser or have allergy/sensitive skin: No brightening/whitening products No Alpha Hydroxy Acids of any kind No abrasions eg. scrubs, exfoliants Some fragrance Cleanser & Toner POD Liquid Detox is great if you have sensitive skin that is oily (review here). My all-time favourite cleanser, Simplicite Plant Gel Cleanser for Oily/Combination skin would work quite well too. Both effective at removing all the dirt, excess oil and makeup from the face at the end of the day, without leaving the face feeling tight and dry. For toning the skin I stick to plant or mineral water sprays. Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water Moisturising Mist is a good, cheap option. Even better is Uriage Thermal Water Spray (left it at work so I couldn’t photograph ) as it has healing as well as soothing and moisturising properties. Serums & Creams Hydration is paramount post-laser as laser zaps away some natural oils. It’s equally important for sensitive skin as it aids the natural healing abilities of the skin. Unitec Advance Hydrating Essence is a great cheaper alternative to For Beloved One HA serum, both hydrating and don’t break me out. For night time, I layer on the Hyaluronic Acid serum with Avene Skin Recovery Cream, which I completely adore for serious cases of allergy on the face. It immediately relieves the itchiness, and in the morning I can see visible reduction of the redness and allergy bumps on my face. For day time I switch to Uriage Aquaprecis Refreshing Gel-Cream* (also applied over Unitec serum), as it hydrates my face without making it more oily, and is great under makeup. Note that this does a fair bit of fragrance, but does not cause me any irritation. Uriage Aquaprecis Relaxing Eye Gel* is a great general purpose eye gel that reduces puffiness. Masks Stick to hydrating masks without any brightening agents. I love my emerginC Vitality Mask as it soothes and delivers a huge dose of antioxidants to my skin (get your hands on it if you can, it’s seriously good stuff). For lazy days I opt for L’Herboflore Q10 + Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Mask that gives my face extra bounciness. Makeup First of all, sun protection is a MUST. It’s a must for everyone everyday but especially so post-laser/peel. I have been and will continue to use Bioré UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+ Watery Mousse, which is the best sunscreen I’ve ever come across. For base makeup, I choose products that don’t say that it whitens (like a lot of Asian base products now), but have added SPF and are mineral based. Face of Australia Stick Foundation ticks all those boxes, and offer good coverage that is also buildable. I top it off with Face of Australia Translucent Powder to set the foundation and reduce shine without adding more coverage. So there you have it, my post-laser skincare routine that I’ve nutted down after 3 months of trial and error. This should work well for most people, however my last and best piece of advice would be – consult your dermatologist when in doubt. Also note that good cosmetic clinics should offer you a take-home sheet of post-procedure skincare instructions. Products marked * have been provided for consideration, for my disclosure policy see here. Incoming search terms: l\herboflore herboflore www chasingelixir com biore emergin c Biore UV Aqua rich watery mousse water base SPF 50 PA reviews on unitec skincare taiwan face of australia honey review eye makeup steps estee lauder forbidden apple 1028 visual therapy mascara