Uriage Thermal Water Spray

  • Spray bottle 50ml/300ml
  • 100% Uriage thermal water, hypoallergenic

Filtered at the source, Uriage Thermal Water is 100% natural and bacteriologically pure. Exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements (11g/L), Uriage Thermal Water is truly active: moisturises the skin for up to 3 hours, soothes and protects it from free radicals (age accelerating factor).
Naturally isotonic, it simply respects the integrity, size and shape of the skin cells.
Thus there is no need to pat dry, it also seals in make-up. Simply spray a mist on the skin after cleansing or over make-up and let it work!
Uriage thermal water has numerous benefits: it hydrates and refreshes the skin all day long while at work, shopping or doing outdoor sport; it soothes after sunburn or post aesthetics treatments; it is also recommended for nappy rashes or red patches on the skin.
Uriage Thermal Water is suitable for all skins even the most sensitive and especially for skin prone to redness, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
Directions of use
Spray on the skin and let it work. There is no need to pat dry. Apply as often as necessary
100 % Uriage Thermal Water

Product Range: 
Daily skincare